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Bark Control

Our Indoor and Outdoor Bark Control devices are marvels of miniaturisation and innovation. They monitor your dog's bark and automatically let him know when he needs to be quiet. These remarkable collars can remove the strain that excess barking puts on your relationship with your otherwise perfect pal.

If you find yourself wondering when you'll get a decent night's sleep, enjoy a quiet afternoon, or be able to smile at your neighbour again then it's probably time to think about a bark control collar or device. The fact is; dogs bark. They do it when they're excited or when they are in danger. Some do it when they are bored, or worse, for no reason at all. You'll want to teach your dog that barking is only permitted under certain circumstances.

Vibration Bark ControlView & Compare Range

Vibration is the newest form of Bark Control stimulation to be used by PetSafe and is one of the gentlest, softest methods available today. Vibration stimulation utilises low frequency vibration that the dog feels on the underside of the neck not far from the ‘voice-box’ to interrupt barking.

>VBC-10 Vibration Bark Control Collar (PBC17-13338)
Spray Bark ControlView & Compare Range

Spray Bark Control Collars provide a distraction to incessant barking by producing a harmless mist, so your dog learns by his own behaviour.
Available in either Citronella or Unscented Spray

> Anti-Bark Spray Collar™ - Citronella (PBC22-14130)
>Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Control (PBC00-11283)
>Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control (PBC00-12724)
Static Bark ControlView & Compare Range

Static Bark Control Collars provide a harmless static pulse to interrupt your dog's barking and helps your dog to remain quiet. Most models feature our patented Perfect Bark Technology™ which ensures your own dog's bark is the only sound to cause a correction.

>Bark Control Collar (PBC19-10765)
>Automatic Rechargeable No-Bark Collar (BC-200-22)
>Little Dog Deluxe Anti-Bark Collar (PBC19-12443)
>Big Dog Deluxe Anti-Bark Collar (PBC19-13058)
>Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Control (PBC17-13465)
Ultrasonic Bark ControlView & Compare Range

Ultrasonic and sonic stimulation emit a harmless but annoying high frequency sound to distract your dog from barking. Available in a collar, a discreet outdoor unit or an indoor model that can be either manually or automatically activated.

>Indoor Bark Control (PBC17-14777)
>Outdoor Bark Control (PBC19-11794)
>Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar (PBC17-14036)