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Containment Systems

Pets love to be out in the fresh air, enjoying the freedom to explore and forage. But just letting them out of the door or sometimes even out into the yard is not always practical. They can wander off, stray into a busy street and straight into traffic or worst of all intimidate or scare your neighbours. As a responsible owner, you want to keep your pets safely close to home and out of harm’s way. That is not so easy with today’s open plan gardens, and nobody wants to put up unsightly fences that affect their properties and spoil their view.

The good news is you don’t have to, because PetSafe® has much smarter answers – with clever containment systems that don’t depend on any visible barriers to keep pets within well defined boundaries. There is a choice of systems which allow you to set the limits for your pets based on their size an inherent nature. Safe and reliable, these containment systems from PetSafe® come with full training instructions, so that pets can soon be enjoying the outdoor life, while you, the owner enjoy peace of mind.

Wireless FencesView & Compare Range

With no wires to bury, this type of system is completely portable and works in an adjustable circular area.

>Stay + Play Wireless Fence™ (PIF17-13478)
In-Ground FencesView & Compare Range

Keeps your pets contained within an area. Proven safe and effective and can work with all your pets wearing a PetSafe® collar.

>Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ System (PRF-3004XW-20)
>Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence™ System (PIG20-11041)
>In-Ground Fence™ System (PRF-3004W-20)
>Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing™ System (SD-2000-22)
Outdoor KennelsView & Compare Range

Our DIY kennels are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Their strong, welded wire construction keeps your pet safe. Additional accessories include a Sunblock Top to protect your pet from the elements™.

>Rectangular Kennel Run (75136)
>Square Kennel Run (75754)
Extra Receiver CollarsView & Compare Range

Working in conjuction with our containment system range, these allow their use with multiple pets.

>Stubborn Dog Receiver Collar (PIG19-10763)
>Deluxe Ultralight™ Extra Receiver Collar (PIG19-10764)
>Extra Receiver Collar - Basic (SD-2025)
>Stay + Play Wireless Fence™ Extra Receiver Collar (PIF19-14011)
>Stay + Play Wireless Fence™ Stubborn Dog Extra Receiver Collar (PIF19-14186)
>Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence™ Add-A-Dog® (PIG19-11042)