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Training Systems

Some dogs can be boisterous or surprisingly strong-minded when they want their own way. It's bad enough when they're constantly pulling on the lead, but they can be a real danger to themselves if they're not safe to be let free when they're out enjoying a walk with you. As a responsible owner you know the importance of obedience and want to find an effective way to resolve these behavioural issues, so things never get out of hand.

As for cats, we know how curious they can be. Especially when your back is turned, and they think a stroll along the kitchen work tops might lead to the discovery of a tasty snack. And they're so agile! For the sake of hygiene though they need to be deterred safely and humanely with our Scat Mat®.

With PetSafe® we can offer the solution that best suits you and your situation. Our range of Training Systems are based on different methods of behavioural training to suit each temperament of pet including static, spray, tone, ultrasonic and vibration. Inside and outside your home a well behaved pet is able to enjoy more freedom and generally a better quality of life.

Static TrainingView & Compare Range

Static training is the most extensively researched system on the market and uses a safe pulse of static correction which is not only harmless to your pet, but has been proven to be the most effective.

>ST-100-BD 100m Big Dog Remote Trainer (PDT17-13473)
>ST-70 70m Basic Remote Trainer (PDT17-13480)
>ST-100-LD 100m Little Dog Remote Trainer (PDT17-13471)
>Scat Mat® Large (SKM-C412)
>Pawz Away® Outdoor Pet Barrier (PWF00-11923)
Spray TrainingView & Compare Range

Spray stimulation uses an unscented or citronella scented mist which is sprayed forward to interrupt your dog's unwanted behaviour during training.

>85m Spray Commander® Remote Spray Trainer (PDT22-14129)
UltrasonicView & Compare Range

An ultrasonic sound is generally one only pets can hear. This collarless remote training system uses Ultrasonic tone as the stimulation. The dog will learn to associate undesired behaviour with the negative tone and acceptable behaviour with the positive tone.

>9m Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer (PUPT-100-19)
Easy Walk™View & Compare Range

The Easy Walk™ training range offers solutions to common training problems such as pulling on the lead. These traditional training methods will help improve the relationship between owner and pet.

>Easy Walk™ Harness (EW-H)
>Easy Walk™ Headcollar (EW-HC)